About Us

We at Worldwide Tours and Travel Ltd, aim to provide a superior service and a quality product to with all the Holidays we offer.Worldwide Tours and Travel Ltd, offer product to the public and have achieved our deserved reputation by hard work and tremendous product knowledge. Worldwide Tours and Travel Ltd have a powerful reputation and solid product base which has enabled us to negotiate the most competitive rates on flights, accommodation and car hire.

We know that our reputation at Worldwide Tours and Travel Ltd, is only as good as the service we provide to you, and you can be confident that we will provide a high quality product and exceptional service.

Our C.E.O has been in the industry over forty years and a lot of our staff have been working with him for many years. Our staff are of course available for any consultation and will be happy to advise you, as to the best option for your holiday.We look forward to helping you with your requirements for many years to come.